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Stain Removal – Pets

By staffordcarpet On April 16, 2012 No Comments

Carpet Stain in Staffordshire – Pet Stains

Carpet Cleaning Services

Cats and Dogs may be your best friend, but not your carpet’s. Cat or dog urine, faeces and vomit on carpet is unsightly and unhealthy.

We are carpet cleaning specialists in Staffordshire and we serve Shropshire and surrounding areas.

You may find that some carpet cleaning products cannot remove specific carpet stains. Our industrial machinery and eco-friendly products ensure that stains are removed completely and that your home and animals are safe. Your carpets are left clean, fresh and fully sanitised.

Stain removal services include removing oil stains, paint spots, chewing-gum, make-up, tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks, ink, soot, candle wax, urine, vomit, blood and many other stains for Staffordshire and Shropshire.Stain Removal Staffordshire

We combine our trade knowledge with our state-of-the-art machinery, providing amazingly clean carpets; we pride ourselves in the high-level customer service we offer and ask that you look at what floor care services we offer to compliment cleaning your carpets.

If you want to avoid possible damage by hiring a rug doctor or using other non-industrial cleaning machinery such as Bissell or Vax, please contact Staffordshire Carpet Cleaning.

Please call Ian on 07966 203040 for advice.

Tea Coffee Professional Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Stafford Stone Stoke

By staffordcarpet On March 21, 2012 No Comments

How to remove tea coffee carpet stains in Stafford Stone Stoke

this can be a tricky job to undertake oneself without professional assistance, and drink spills can make unsightly stains on a carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Staffordshire is required.

Here is a  job from a Staffordshire  office, showing the successful

tea coffee stain removal.

This shows a large splash of tea caused by the knocking over of mug. Do it yourself methods often end in frustration and further marking, and sometimes further damage to the carpet fibres. Calling in a professional carpet cleaner to help (07966 203040) can save a lot of unnecessary time and effort.


The problem is easily solved by an experienced professional carpet cleaning technician. The tea coffee stains are removed  with expert attention.

For all your stain remover needs, help with how to remove stains, assistance with removing stains,  guide to spot removal,  to engage carpet cleaning services or contact a professional carpet cleaner, instead of risking damage by hiring a rug doctor, using a Bissell or Vax etc.

Call on  07966 203040   or   e-mail us here

The problem with trying to do it yourself (leaving aside the lack of any training or experience), is the rush most people are in to rectify the spillage. This panic will always cause more damage than the original spillage.

It may take time and will invariably involve specialist products to effect a satisfactory result. These products are not freely available to the general public as they require care and attention to apply correctly to achieve a result without detriment to the article being worked on.

Low powered hire machines and owned domestic machines usually have little effect on stains of this nature, and often leave dirt attracting detergent on the carpet which causes rapid soiling. Thus the attempt is counter productive.

For professional assistance and to speak to someone who knows how to remove tea coffee carpet stains in Stafford Stone Stoke.

Call on  07966 203040   or   e-mail us here

Pet Stain Removal on Carpet made easy.

By staffordcarpet On January 21, 2012 No Comments

How to avoid Pet Stain on Carpet becoming permanent.

A lady in Stone Staffordshire, had a carpet stain from her cat and asked if we could assist promptly to get the pet stain out. Being a regular buyer of carpet cleaning services  and aware that she would make matters worse by trying to clean this herself, she made the right decision to call a professional carpet cleaner.

An unwell cat had left faeces deposits on the landing.

Using our specialised carpet cleaning products and years of unrivalled experience, the removal of the stain was effected quickly, easily and efficiently, and then the carpet was treated with a stain guard protection to help prevent future stains.

For all carpet stain removal enquiries please call 07966 203040  or

e-mail us here

Frequently, we service pet stains to carpet in many local towns.


A regular job is dog urine on carpet in Penkridge,  from the family Labradors. Cat urine on rugs in Uttoxeter, from the pedigree house cats. Fur balls leaving food dye stain in Cannock and Rugeley.  Dog vomit on carpet in Stafford, and Stoke have been very common jobs over the past decades.

The main thing to remember is not to panic and avoid trying to scrub out the stain yourself, but call in expert help.

Commercial and Domestic Carpet Cleaning

By staffordcarpet On November 22, 2011 No Comments

Today, I am showing you an example of, what not to do, to your domestic and commercial carpet.

The accompanying photo shows what the application of bleach did to a Commercial Carpet in Staffordshire.

Superman to the rescue again!!!!   (Not on this occasion).

It would not have proved to be cost effective, nor was the fibre type suitable for a successful attempt.

The type of colour loss which occurred here can, however, be rectified on certain carpet types, quality woven or tufted wool especially.

The process involves the reintroduction of the missing colour after extensive preparation, and has been used to great effect to restore other mishaps.

bleach carpet stain removal telford










Domestic and commercial carpet stains are best treated by a professional carpet cleaner.

Contact Ian on 07966 20 30 40 or email Ian here for all carpet cleaning enquiries in Staffordshire.

Removing Carpet Stains

By staffordcarpet On November 22, 2011 No Comments

Many jobs encountered, involve the removal of carpet stains. These are the main concern of many customers and very often they will have tried to remove the offending marks already.

The biggest mistake made by people is that if the mark doesn’t come out straight away, they ‘chuck some more of the product on’. This is flawed logic because if it doesn’t come out with a little solution then using a whole bucket full won’t make it suddenly work. The product in question may be a cocktail made up of washing-up liquid (or similar); or a branded retail bottle of high street spotter.

The result can take several forms:

The marks don’t go but lighter patches appear around the area, making it stand out even more.

The marks fade or go, but again lighter patches appear, and are more unsightly than the original.

The marks either do or don’t go but, either way the carpet is left with a varying amount of dirt attracting residue, which effectively becomes a dirt magnet. Localised patches of very soiled carpet appear in the ensuing weeks.

The worst result encountered is where a chemical reaction has occurred causing permanent faded areas, as seen below.

remove carpet stain cannock













All the above can usually be rectified by seasoned professional. A professional carpet cleaner can remove the carpet stain and add a carpet protector to prevent further carpet stains having such a big impact on carpets.

Commercial Carpet Chewing Gum Stain Removal Staffordshire

By staffordcarpet On November 21, 2011 No Comments

Staffordshire Carpet Chewing Gum Stain Removal.

Cleaning carpet stains, the ability to get stains out of carpet, and carpet stain removal  in particular chewing gum is a problem to certain business premises and schools. It is easy to remove a few wads, but invariably multiple deposits are found in most affected areas. I often get asked, how to remove stains from carpet, and how to clean carpet, and it is a task best left to a professional carpet cleaning company.

A recently completed task involved somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 gum wads, plus the heavily soiled carpet itself.

We didn’t count every single piece of gum, but an estimate was made, based on the average coverage per square metre, plus removal rate per hour.

Non too small a challenge which many professional carpet cleaners in Staffordshire would quickly shy away from, but which proved to be a challenge easily overcome with the wealth of experience acquired over the past 25+ years.


So if you want to know how to get stains out of carpet, 

call 07966 20 30 40.   

Email all carpet stain removal enquiries here  

The results speak for themselves!

Chewing gum, blue tack, gum, glue, mastic and paints are stains often requested to be removed from carpet in schools, playgroups, offices and retail outlets throughout Staffordshire and Shropshire. Many a satisfied customer are glad they didn’t try themselves to undertake such a daunting task.

Call 07966 203040 or    contact us here

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