carpet stain removal stonecarpet stain removal staffordRADIATOR WATER: Both a home owner and their insurance company were happy with this result, when dried in dirty radiator water was successfully removed from this Staffordshire carpet. The company avoided a payout and the owner avoided more upheaval.
carpet stain removal staffordshirecarpet stain removal stoneTEA STAIN: A school staff room was improved by the removal of this tea stain from the carpet, much to the Head’s delight.
commercial carpet cleaning stonecommercial carpet cleaning staffordshireHOTEL CONFERENCE ROOM: This busy conference room carpet is always prone to spillage of tea, coffee and food snacks plus heavy foot soiling
carpet stain staffordshirecarpet stain removal staffordshireDYE STAIN: Dye stains are never the easiest to improve or remove, but this dye which transferred from off a blue dust sheet was greatly improved.
restaurant carpet cleaning staffordshirerestaurant carpet cleaning staffordRESTAURANT: Restaurant carpets are some of the dirtier than average, encountered. This one took a sudden turn for the better when it’s heavy soiling was removed.
remove carpet stain cannockremove carpet stain telfordPAINT ON CARPET: Spray painting something on your carpet is not a good idea! Professional carpet cleaning is.
stain removal carpet cleaner staffordstain removal carpet cleaner stoneRUST STAIN: Rust can appear from metal furniture legs, or as in this case from the changing of a radiator. ‘This rust bit the dust’, so to speak and has not been seen since.
wood stain carpet staffordshirewood stain carpet removal staffordshireWOOD STAIN: Furniture can leave wood stain from where it has been in contact with damp carpet. The cause could be a drink spillage, a radiator leaking even high humidity. They are easily dealt with by a good professional.
chewing gum off carpet staffordremove chewing gum carpet staffordCHEWING GUM: Often found in schools and offices even. This work in progress photo shows the results
red wine carpet stain stonered wine stain removal carpet staffordshireRED WINE: An often found stain on carpets is red wine. This is treatable and more often than not disappears.
commercial carpet cleaning cannockcommercial carpet cleaning telfordPUB CARPET: Pub carpets can get heavy deposits of sugary drinks, beers and wines which results in heavy tar like topping. The results of a little extra work can be seen.
carpet stain staffordshirecarpet stain telfordSOOT ON CARPET: Servicing the gas fire resulted in soot deposited over the carpet and furniture in this Staffordshire home. A call to me resulted in it disappearing.
oil carpet stain stone staffordshireoil carpet stain stone staffordshireOIL ON STAIR CARPET: Workmen in your house can leave evidence of their visit as these oily marks on the stairs testify. The cleaned carpet is testimony of my visit.
mattress stain removal staffordshireremove mattress stain cannockBLOOD ON MATTRESS: Blood can be a problem on a mattresses, this one was successfully dealt with saving the cost of a new one. Vomit, and urine are other common stains that we are asked to deal with.

Above are some photographic evidence of the carpet cleaning services we offer including carpet stain removal, hotel carpet cleaning, restaurant carpet cleaning and put carpet cleaning.

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning services offer;
– Removing tea stains
– Removing red wine stains
– Removing soot stains
– Removing oil stains
– Removing dye stains
– Removing paint stains
– Removing rust stains
– Removing blood stains

We are passionate about what we do and invite you to discuss your floor care requirements with us, serving Staffordshire, Shropshire and the surrounding areas.

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