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Cats and Dogs may be your best friend, but not your carpet’s. Cat or dog urine, faeces and vomit on carpet is unsightly and unhealthy.

We are carpet cleaning specialists in Staffordshire and we serve Shropshire and surrounding areas.

You may find that some carpet cleaning products cannot remove specific carpet stains. Our industrial machinery and eco-friendly products ensure that stains are removed completely and that your home and animals are safe. Your carpets are left clean, fresh and fully sanitised.

Stain removal services include removing oil stains, paint spots, chewing-gum, make-up, tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks, ink, soot, candle wax, urine, vomit, blood and many other stains for Staffordshire and Shropshire.Stain Removal Staffordshire

We combine our trade knowledge with our state-of-the-art machinery, providing amazingly clean carpets; we pride ourselves in the high-level customer service we offer and ask that you look at what floor care services we offer to compliment cleaning your carpets.

If you want to avoid possible damage by hiring a rug doctor or using other non-industrial cleaning machinery such as Bissell or Vax, please contact Staffordshire Carpet Cleaning.

Please call Ian on 07966 203040 for advice.