Leather Suite Cleaning

Leather suite cleaning by a professional leather upholstery cleaner can keep your leather sofa looking as good as new.

A leather suite was rescued from a trip to the rubbish tip recently. This had been subject to heavy usage and lots of abrasion by children, denim jean seams, and dog claws. It has now been restored to a pride of place position in the household.

The protective seal on the leather sofa had been broken and worn away exposing the top coat of colour, which in turn had eroded away and then the undercoat also, exposing bare leather.

For two reasons this is bad news; it is not only unsightly, but also well on the way to cracks and then holes appearing. Dirt and grease will soak into bare leather and cannot easily be dealt with cost effectively. It would mean panel replacement to put right.

The process to correct this and restore the leather sofa was undertaken in the home, with no disruption to the daily routine, and the furniture ready to use 24 hours later.

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