Removing Carpet Stains

Many jobs encountered, involve the removal of carpet stains. These are the main concern of many customers and very often they will have tried to remove the offending marks already.

The biggest mistake made by people is that if the mark doesn’t come out straight away, they ‘chuck some more of the product on’. This is flawed logic because if it doesn’t come out with a little solution then using a whole bucket full won’t make it suddenly work. The product in question may be a cocktail made up of washing-up liquid (or similar); or a branded retail bottle of high street spotter.

The result can take several forms:

The marks don’t go but lighter patches appear around the area, making it stand out even more.

The marks fade or go, but again lighter patches appear, and are more unsightly than the original.

The marks either do or don’t go but, either way the carpet is left with a varying amount of dirt attracting residue, which effectively becomes a dirt magnet. Localised patches of very soiled carpet appear in the ensuing weeks.

The worst result encountered is where a chemical reaction has occurred causing permanent faded areas, as seen below.

remove carpet stain cannock













All the above can usually be rectified by seasoned professional. A professional carpet cleaner can remove the carpet stain and add a carpet protector to prevent further carpet stains having such a big impact on carpets.