Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery cleaning is necessary to keep your suites in tip top condition and protect from stains over time.

Here’s some tips on sofa cleaning;

Why your sofa cushions should not be put in the domestic washing machine.

Zips found on suite cushions are not put there to facilitate ease of removal for washing.

They are sewn on so that the foam can be inserted and simply zipped up without the need to go back down the production line, and cost more to produce. It also makes it easy to replace the foam at a later stage.

The most common damage that occurs with natural textiles, is shrinkage; making the covers very difficult to put back on. When back on there is a pulling down at the sides causing a misshaped seat pad or back rest cushion. Certain agents contained in washing detergent can also result in faded cushions in relation to the frame.

A job encountered resulted in this photograph, where the red dye used in the trim piping bled and was absorbed by the main fabric, because the cushions were ‘put into the wash’.

In the picture, the back cushion has just been cleaned; dirt can still be seen on the arms.


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Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended to avoid dye bleed.